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  • Gerhard Richter

    Gerhard Richter
  • Steve Reich photo: Jeffrey Harmann

    Steve Reich

Steve Reich/Gerhard Richter/Corinna Belz

Concert visuel

24.11.2019 20:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Ensemble intercontemporain
Jeanne-Marie Conquer, Hae-Sun Kang, Diego Tosi violon
Odile Auboin, John Stulz alto
Eric-Maria Couturier, Pierre Strauch violoncelle
Sophie Cherrier, Emmanuelle Ophèle flûte
Philippe Grauvogel, Didier Pateau hautbois
Martin Adámek, Jérôme Comte clarinette
Gilles Durot, Samuel Favre percussion
Hidéki Nagano, Dimitri Vassilakis piano
George Jackson direction

Steve Reich: Piano Phase
Steve Reich: Eight Lines
Steve Reich: Reich/Richter
Gerhard Richter, Corinna Belz: Moving Picture (946-3)

Maximal work of a lifetime: Ensemble intercontemporain from Paris traces the musical line from Steve Reich’s classic Piano Phase (1967) to his newest composition Reich/Richter in its Continental European premiere. In the first collaboration of the minimal music pioneer with painter Gerhard Richter and filmmaker Corinna Belz, the repetitive structures of Reich’s music enter a dialogue with Richter’s series of paintings Patterns, which Belz has transformed into a film.

Kulturpass, bienvenue!

Dans le cadre de «less is more − rainy days 2019»


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