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«Structure of Chance»

15.03.2024 19:30,

Espace Découverte

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Oliver Glassl guitare, voix, didjeridoo, synthétiseur, loop machine
Cyril Yabroudi guitare basse électrique
Massimo Savo drums, percussion

Œuvres du ThalamusProject

In their most recent programme, the ThalamusProject showcase the extent of their storytelling abilities with multi-layered arrangements spanning an astonishing variety of musical genres, from progressive rock to jazz, including world music and psychedelic soundscapes. Following the release of a live album in 2022, the musicians have gone one step further into the exploration of their artistic niche: the human mind as a site where subjectivity and objectivity meet, woven into the ever-changing fabric of time, matter, and energy.

En collaboration avec le ThalamusProject


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