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«The very best of Saxitude»

14.01.2023 19:30,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Pierre Cocq-Amann, Dominique Gatto saxophone alto
Robi Arend saxophone ténor
Gregory Ney saxophone baryton
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Standards de jazz vitaminés, pop songs et compositions personnelles

«Saxitude» is a matter of saxes and a matter of attitude! Founded in 2004, Saxitude acquired a solid reputation for quality and perfectionism during its concerts. This allows them to play concerts around the world. These four saxophonists communicate joy, swing and good humor wherever they go, all with tremendous energy and strong creativity. Robi Arend tenor sax, Pierre Cocq-Amann alto sax, Dominique Gatto alto sax, Gregory Ney baritone sax www.saxitude.com


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