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15.-18.12.2022 Chrëschtdag


Spectacle musical à partir de 2 ans

13.02.2020 10:00 & 15:30,

Espace Découverte

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Tiemo Wang violon, chant
Vitaly Medvedev percussion, danse
Sarah Reynolds danse, voix
Caecilia Thunnissen mise en scène
Leonard Evers composition
Milena Sidorova chorégraphie
Erin Coppens dramaturgie
Tessa Verbei scénographie
Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt costumes
Tiedo Wilschut lumières
Roy van Zon technique

What does a tickle in your tummy sound like? And what happens when that tickle gradually escapes through your throat and mouth, floats on the air, flies through space, slips through the violin, and whoosh, creeps into the marimba? A violin-playing singer, a dancing percussionist and a singing dancer transport the young audience in a light-hearted encounter between dance, music and voice. «Tickle » is a stirring, poetic and moving concert for young children about the expressive powers of sound and movement.

Production Oorkaan, Philharmonie Luxembourg et Nationale Opera & Ballet


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