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«Une surprenante histoire de Noël»

Spectacle musical hivernal (5–9 ans)

18.12.2022 11:00 & 15:00,

Salle de Musique de Chambre

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Marie Roth comédie
Christelle Pochet clarinette
Justina Zajančauskaite violon
Lorraine Campet contrebasse
Gabriel Benlolo percussion, direction
Didier Benetti arrangements
Alma Terrasse mise en scène, conception
Zoé Mary Pieto décors
Manon Grandmontagne assistance décors
Irène Bernaud costumes
Loana Martin assistance costumes

Language: En français

Durée: 60 min / Langue: F

Listening to music and making music – that is just as much part of Christmas as a lovingly decorated tree. Celebrations of Christmas, so central to many families and full of beautiful traditions, but also new ideas, also come to the Philharmonie. Listen to or actively join in these celebrations, whether festive or contemplative: the Education Department’s themed weekend offers true Christmas surprises from all over the world in all of Philharmonie’s spaces – from Disney classics to the tale of a Christmas elf-in-training.

Production Philharmonie


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