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24.–26.06 Fräiraim Festival | 3 Days, 6 Stages, 60 Concerts, 600 Musicians, more here

  • «Whoop whoop(s)!» photo: Katharina Bourjau

    «Whoop whoop(s)!»

«Whoop whoop(s)!»

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06.05.2022 10:00,

Espace Découverte

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Oorkaan Ensemble
Caecilia Thunnissen, Yorick Stam mise en scène
Morgana Machado Marques décors
Esra Copur costumes

5-10 ans/Jahre / l.1-3 / sans paroles / 50' / 6€ par élève/pro Schüler


First a fast-flying gush of wind in blue. Then a silver champion made of paper. Next, a yellow fellow full of spells and last, a red and rebel lady wearing stripes. Oh, and there’s Guy! How will that end? If they unite their special powers, a once-in-a-hundred-and-four-year event will create the world anew. Music fills your ears. It comes closer. Four musicians are playing happily, hopingly, stumblingly. They are celebrating something, together. Because they’re together, they’re in a festive mood! 

The newly founded Oorkaan Ensemble consists of four top musicians. They combine different cultures and musical traditions, all in one staged concert. The story they tell is based on the music they play. In this case, that’s quite a journey! Ending, like all stories that are worthwhile, with a party!
«Whoop Whoop(s)!», co-directed by Caecilia Thunnissen (winner of the 2020 YAMAward) and Yorick Stam, is a dashing staged concert for kids aged 5 to 9 years old. It’s filled with sounds you might (not) know, movement and humour.

Produktion Oorkaan


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