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  • Philou photo: Sebastien Grebille



Spectacle musical

08.05.2022 11:00, 15:00 & 17:00,

Espace Découverte

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Oorkaan Ensemble
Caecilia Thunnissen mise en scène
Morgana Machado Marques décors, costumes
Yorick Stam assistance à la mise en scène

Whoop, whoop, let’s party! But then you stumble and fall head-first into the cake. You wipe the whipped cream from your eyes and … suddenly you see the world differently. You hear music. And it’s coming closer. Four musicians playing, cheerfully, skipping along, and stumbling. Together, they are celebrating a special occasion. All four of them, what a feast!

The newly-founded Oorkaan ensemble unites four musicians from all the corners of the world. They bring not only different cultures and musical traditions, but also a theatrical approach to their concerts. Yet they do nothing but tell the stories that are inherent in the music. In this case, that is quite a journey. «Whoop(s)» begins and ends – like all the best stories – at a party.

Production Oorkaan


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