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Concerts et performances dans toute la Philharmonie & au Mudam

19.11.2017 11:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Tomomi Adachi vocals
Andreas Borregaard accordéon
Danielle Hennicot alto
Hany Heshmat guitare
Florian Hölscher piano
Marc Meyers trombone
Aniela Stoffels flûte
Jennifer Walshe vocals
Ensemble Adapter
Noise Watchers Unlimited


With a mosaic of short concerts in many different spaces, Philharmonie and Mudam turn into a wunderkammer presenting a broad range of musical emotions. Including classics of electronic music and world premieres, intimate piano music and meditative percussion, accordion plus video and an architectural sound installation, and a workshop for children, this cornucopia of performances offers something for everybody.

Dans le cadre de « how does it feel? − rainy days 2017»

Production Philharmonie Luxembourg, Noise Watchers et Mudam


Entrée libre / Freier Eintritt / Free admission

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