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  • Yuja Wang and Igudesman & Joo

    Yuja Wang and Igudesman & Joo

Yuja Wang with Igudesman & Joo — «The Clone»

03.02.2019 19:00,

Grand Auditorium

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Yuja Wang piano
Igudesman & Joo

Yuja Wang has chosen two unusual partners to embark upon her residency at the Philharmonie Luxembourg on February 3. Together with the pianist, Igudesman & Joo, the two irresistible comedians of classic music, will provide an explosion of side-splitting surprises. For «The Clone», Wang turns herself into a technically unique music machine which can play absolutely everything with unbelievable precision. But watch out once she is set loose…! When Yuja Wang’s virtuosity and spontaneity meet with the breakneck humour of the two comedians, you might laugh so hard you cry…

Trier–Philharmonie Luxembourg

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