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L'histoire de Nico et sa famille / Die Geschichte von Nico und seiner Familie
Salle de Musique de Chambre
Children assisting at a kids concert in Salle de Musique de Chambre
©: Alfonso Salgueiro

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Farrenc-Ensemble
  • Mayumi Kanagawa Violine
  • Klaus Christa Viola
  • Mathias Johansen Violoncello
  • José Ospina Gaviria Kontrabass
  • Katya Apekisheva Klavier
  • Nico Pires Schauspiel, Akrobatik, Diabolo
  • Kristin Lahoop Schauspiel, Akrobatik, Hula Hoop
  • Alexander Neander Pantomime
  • Wolfram von Bodecker Pantomime
  • Pauline Chauvet Akrobatik
  • Jean Pommart Akrobatik
  • Lionel Ménard Regie
  • Lutz Wilfert Bühne
  • Lina Marie Rohde Regieassistenz
  • Sigrid Herfurth Kostümassistenz

The Story of Nico and his Family

The Pires family have been circus performers for generations. The father is a magician, the uncle a tamer, the mother a tightrope walker, the daughter an equestrian, the grandfather a musician, the grandmother an acrobat… The Pires circus is just waiting for the youngest, Nico, to find his calling. But Nico hates the circus. Clowns don't make him laugh, and he doesn't like living in a caravan. The whole family is worried about him, until the day his cousin Mayumi gives him an unexpected present…

Production Philharmonie


6 € par élève / personne accompagnante gratuite 6 € pro Schüler*in / gratis für Begleitperson


  • Date Friday 01.03.24
  • Time 10:00
  • Duration 60' no break
  • Language Without words
  • Venue Salle de Musique de Chambre
  • Recommended age 8–12 years
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