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Covid-19: Information regarding our concerts, more here

Covid-19: Information regarding our concerts

Following the latest government statements and updated hygiene restrictions pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Philharmonic can remain open; of course the current hygiene rules must be complied with at all times. We invite you to browse our regular live concert offerings.

Due to the current situation, we must ask all visitors aged 12 years old and 2 months and up to show proof of eligibility to attend via CovidCheck (QR code or certificate) for admission to all concerts. 
While you are at the Philharmonie, wearing a facemask is no longer legally required, but is still recommended for the duration of your visit. Concerts under the CovidCheck regulations will take place at full seating capacity.

Before Your Visit / Security Rules


Please be prepared to show proof of a CovidCheck (EU Digital COVID Certificate – EU DCC) when entering the Philharmonie. In order to attend an event, you will need a QR code in digital form (e.g. as a PDF on your phone) or in paper form. This code will be scanned by our ticket takers.

The certificate CovidCheck (EU Digital COVID Certificate – EU DCC) is proof, in form of a QR code, that a person:

* has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please note that only the QR code of the EU Digital COVID Certificate – EU DCC is valid for entrance to the Philharmonie. If you do not have this code yet, please download it via the website guichet-public.lu.

* has a negative COVID-19 test result (PCR test within the last 72 hours, or antigen rapid test within the last 48 hours, carried out and certified by a laboratory or physician or by a pharmacy or rapid test centre of the City of Luxembourg).

* has recovered from an infection with COVID-19 (valid from 11 to 180 days after a positive PCR test result).

In keeping with the legal regulations yet to be passed by the government, our concerts in January and most likely certain events in December will take place under the CovidCheck 2G rules (vaccinated or recovered).

Further information on CovidCheck is available here.

Please note that as of November 1, in keeping with the current legal regulations, rapid tests are no longer offered at the Philharmonie.

  • Security Rules

    • The Philharmonie doors open one hour before the concert. Admission to the hall begins 30 minutes before the event. Please refrain from arriving earlier to avoid groups gathering outside the Philharmonie; However, please do plan to arrive early enough to ensure a smooth admissions process.
    • Wearing a facemask is no longer legally required, but is still recommended for the duration of your visit.
    • We ask you to keep the minimum distance of two metres to other visitors at all times.
    • Disinfectant dispensers are available in the foyer and in the restrooms.
    • Please follow the signage (regarding entries and exits).
    • Gastronomic refreshments will be available before and after the concert as well as during the interval. 
    • Elevators are reserved exclusively for patrons in need of this aid.
    • Please sneeze or cough into your elbow or into a disposable paper tissue.
    • Please follow the recommendations and rules issued by the government of Luxembourg, which can be found at www.covid19.lu.
    • In case of doubt, emergency measures take priority over hygiene guidelines.

  • If You Have Symptoms of Covid-19

    We would like to remind you that it is your own responsibility to refrain from attending the concert if you experience symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have recently had contact with a person infected with Covid-19. Should you be unable to attend the concert for these reasons, please email us at tickets@philharmonie.lu .The price of your tickets will be refunded in such cases. Please inform us at the latest 4 hours before the start of the concert if this is the case.



We are eager to welcome you back to breath-taking concerts by great musicians. Still, some things will differ from the familiar, due to the current situation. For all concerts we have taken the most extensive measures possible to ensure the safety of all involved, audience and artists alike.

Discover our up to date programme here.

  • Cancellations and Modifications

    Because of travel restrictions or safety measures, unfortunately it may be necessary to cancel some concerts and to shorten or modify other programmes.

    In order to comply with distancing rules on stage and inside the hall, some works requiring a large orchestra might be replaced with others.


Ticket Sales Information

We have taken a number of measures to enable you to enjoy your visit to the Philharmonie safely and without concern. In the following, we offer some important information on ticket purchases.

  • Purchase Conditions

    Purchasing a ticket – either in advance or at the evening box office, which opens one hour before the event – is a prerequisite for attending a concert.

    In order to ensure the greatest possible safety of our audience and in compliance with our government’s recommendations, the following conditions currently apply:

    Tickets may be purchased only via phone or internet.

    Via our website

    By phone: +352 26 32 26 32 (from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday).

    Your ticket / your tickets will be sent to your smartphone (it is not necessary to print them out). Please show the ticket/s at the main entrance.

    In accordance with the current rules for events, ticket buyers are asked to submit their contact details (name, first name, address, email address and phone number), so that they may be contacted if necessary.

  • Evening Box Office

    Tickets can be bought physically only one hour before the beginning of the event at the evening box office; here only such places as are still available will be offered for sale.

  • Refunds

    In case the concert is cancelled, the ticket price will be refunded.

    Should you experience symptoms of Covid-19 or have had contact with an infected person, please contact us directly by emailing tickets@philharmonie.lu so that we can refund the price of your tickets. Please inform us at the latest 4 hours before the start of the concert if this is the case.

Terms and Conditions for Ticket Refunds for Concerts cancelled due to the Coronavirus

Should you have any questions, our ticket office staff will be happy to assist you by phone (+352) 26 32 26 32 from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm, or by email – please write to tickets@philharmonie.lu.

  • Season 2020/21 - Refunds for single tickets

    If you bought your ticket(s) directly from our website or our box office, you will receive a voucher in the value of the ticket(s) purchased. If you purchased tickets for several events during the period which had to be cancelled, you will receive a separate message for each concert.

    You can redeem the voucher until 31.12.2021 when purchasing tickets for all concerts and subscription series of the Philharmonie.

    Of course, alternatively you also have the right to receive a full refund for the cost of the tickets. In order to claim your refund, please fill out the form we will email or mail to you and submit it together with the voucher you have received by January 31, 2021, either by emailing remboursement@philharmonie.lu or by sending it to our mailing address. The voucher thereby loses its validity. We kindly ask for your understanding for the fact that refunds, especially those by wire transfers, may take longer to process.

  • Gift Vouchers Valid until December 31, 2021

    Due to the current situation, we are extending the validity of all gift vouchers issued in response to concert cancellations due to Covid-19 since March 2020; they are now valid through December 31, 2021.


Information & Billetterie

Our ticket office staff will be happy to assist you by phone (+352) 26 32 26 32 from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5:00 pm, or by email.