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Other publications

  • rainy days 2019

    less is more – rainy days 2019
    The festival rainy days explores reduction in contemporary music and focuses on the essential: «less is more».
    To limit oneself in order to achieve something greater: this idea is gaining ever more importance in a society of excessive consumerism that yet longs for reduction (#decluttering). In the face of climate change, responsible behavior is increasingly associated with restraint. In the arts, reduction has a long history. Musically, it can assume many different points of focus: a single idea, a particular principle, a solo instrument, minimal means, graphic notation or limited material such as a single note, gesture or playing technique.

  • rainy days 2018

    From resonance of the spheres to propaganda tool, music has always struggled to find its place in the world around it, and this is especially true of the music of our complex present. In 2018, rainy days explores how contemporary music participates in realities beyond the concert hall: as political statement, as part of identity, as an experience of social situations, as industrial aesthetic, as personal history or by incorporating concrete sounds of everyday life through field recordings. The festival brings sound worlds outside of the Philharmonie into the concert hall, while also taking concerts to private homes and offering performative walks that enable the listener to perceive the city’s soundscapes in situ. It presents the search for an appropriate musical language to speak of the most pressing issues today, explores «third spaces» between analogue and virtual worlds and pays homage to female pioneers of electroacoustic music who created new gender realities with their work early on.

  • rainy days 2017

    In 2017, rainy days follows its feelings and invites you to join in, posing the crucial question: «how does it feel?» In 16 concerts, installations, performances and a conference, with 17 world premieres, the festival discovers the many ways in which today’s music can express, evoke, transform, exploit or avoid emotion to touch, affect, move, disturb or keep you at a distance.

  • «Mahler» accompanying booklet

    Dieses Buch möchte Einblicke in die Welt Mahlers bieten – in die Welt des Komponisten und Dirigenten, in seine Kompositionen, in die Rezeption seines Werks im Konzertsaal wie auf Schallplatte und CD, und in seine Wirkung auf die Musik des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts.

    Es ist genauso geschrieben für Menschen, die noch nie ein Werk Mahlers gehört haben, wie für Mahler-Enthusiasten.

    Es möchte einladen, Mahlers Welt zu entdecken und sich in sie zu vertiefen: lesend und hörend – nicht zuletzt in den Konzerten der Philharmonie Luxembourg.

  • Philharmonie Luxembourg

    Published in 2005 by the Department of public buildings

  • Opening programme 26.06.-03.07.05

    This book, released in connection with the music festival celebrating the opening of the Philharmonie Luxembourg, contains a wealth of essays on architecture, acoustics and development of the concert hall as well as on the relationship between concerts, concert halls and society. The volume presents interviews with composers and artists, in-depth articles on the concerts themselves from the opening concert presenting 366 young musicians, through the premiere of Krzysztof Penderecki's Eighth Symphony to the philosophy of the fado and DJ Spooky's call for more an independent musical perception.

  • The Schuke organ of the Philharmonie Luxembourg

    General information and technical data on the newly inaugurated Schuke organ can be found in this informative brochure.

  • 5 years Philharmonie 12.–27.06.2010

  • Karol Szymanowski

    Special evening programme for the concerts of the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Valery Gergiev (season 2012/13)