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05 novembre 2014

Dance like it's 1753

par Philharmonie Luxemburg

Granted, most of our "Backstage" sessions require you to sit down and listen. Just like for the concert that precedes or follows. Interesting but not extravagant. Customers with tickets for Les Arts Florissants yesterday were in for something a little bit different.

A few brave souls deciced to give baroque dance a try before the performance. Dancer and assistant to the choreographer Gilles Poirier showed them the ropes and by the end of the session they had the moves like Jagger Rameau.


You like the extra info you get from these "Backstage" sessions but don't like to stay seated more than necessary? If you're coming to the concert of Tingvall Trio, you'll be pleased to know that you'll get to walk around the Philharmonie and take a peek in every corner of the house before the concert. Sign up for a guided tour and you'll get to see the technical stuff that makes the hall what it is!


-- Julie


The tour is opened to customers with a ticket to the concert of the Tingvall Trio (November 20) and will be held in French, German and Luxemburgish. The tour is free of charge but we kindly ask you to sign up in advance. Just contact the ticket office at +352 26 32 26 32 or tickets@philharmonie.lu.