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23 décembre 2013

The secret about the columns

von Philharmonie Luxemburg

Last week we shared the video we made to announce our Christmas break. (Ticket office closed from Tuesday 24.12. at noon, people!) You could see our ceiling lamps swinging, waves in our coffee cups. The reason? Our columns are cold and shiver outside in the harsh winter wind.

The truth is: This could not happen in real life. Obviously, columns cannot be cold. But most importantly, our columns cannot make the whole building vibrate. These beauties don't just hold the building up. They also prevent it from shaking. Anyone working on the Kirchberg has lost an umbrella at least once in the battle against the strong winds blowing in the area. So good shock absorbers, consisting of pistons and silicone oil, are not something the building could have done without. They are key elements of the construction.

There. You now know the truth. But if you can suspend your disbelief for 41 seconds, here is the video again.


-- Julie