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16 mai 2014

Time well wasted #24

par Philharmonie Luxemburg

As we slowly but surely work on the 10th anniversary of the house we think of all the good concerts we've heard, our encounters in the hallways with so many talented artists, the (recorded) chats we've had with them,... And we thought we'd try and create something that would make anyone who's ever been here take a trip down memory lane. The first videos were shot this week, you'll see the results in... thirteen months. But enough of the past, we have a great weekend ahead of us, with good music, a lot of sun and a few good links!

* Today sees the release of Wolfgang Muthspiel's Driftwood with Larry Grenadier and Brian Blade. (Thanks for the reminder, Didier!) "Driftwood sees Muthspiel exploit the rich sonic qualities of the guitar – electric and acoustic – even as he aims for a sort of ‘piano-trio ideal’ in terms of harmonic density and polyphony," reads ECM Records' website. But I'd say the best way to discover this album is to hear it played live... at the Philharmonie for example, in just a few days.

* It is the final installment of week-long saga: La Scala's board "voted to replace [incoming director general of the house] Alexander Pereira’s contract with a new, much shorter one", tearing up "his original five-year contract (...) before he had even begun," The Guardian reports. "Perhaps I made a bureaucratic mistake, but I have always acted in good faith," he told the Turin daily La Stampa, describing the past few months as "a hell". He added: "I hope that this year I'll be able to show the gentlemen of the board that I am not a dunce." Can't wait for next season...

* The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra made a video to present the talented musicians of its youth orchestra. Have a good look at these young faces, you might see them again on the Philharmonie's 20th anniversary. All joking aside, it's heartwarming to see the sparkle in their eyes.

* We are big fans of Dobet Gnahoré's and if you are too, you'll be happy to know that the concert she gave at the Philharmonie Köln earlier this week is now available on Arte's website.

That's it for this week! Have a fun weekend and don't forget to wear sunscreen!