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06 juin 2014

Time well wasted #26

par Philharmonie Luxemburg

It's almost the weekend. A long, sunny weekend. Some of you will enjoy a whole week off, maybe go abroad for a few days. While you're out, soaking up the sun, you may want something to read. Nothing to difficult or too long, something interesting that you don't have to read in one go because you're falling in and out of slumber or because the kids need you to refill their bubble maker. Rejoice: this post is made just for you.

* Street pianos are invading the streets of Luxembourg. In New York people also stumbled on a piano at an unexpected spot but this one wasn't part of any artistic project: it just washed up on the shore of the East River, under the Brooklyn Bridge. It doesn't make a sound anymore (which made me think of this) but that didn't stop people from improvising a recital in the water, as Classic FM reports.

* Composer, sound designer, artist, audio specialist and synaesthete Nick Ryan "will attempt to represent the synaesthetic experience" this summer in London. The Guardian explains what this multisensory condition is and why there seems to be a growing number of self-diagnosed synesthetes in hip-hop and R&B.

* Sister Act meets the religious hype/marketing gimmick: after The Priests, Les Prêtres, Friar Alessandro, here's Suor Cristina, winner of the Italian version of The Voice, the well-known television singing contest. Lord, have mercy.

* But if you only have to remember one thing from this week's news, it's of course that the OPL has announced the name of their new music director. Starting in 2015/16, Gustavo Gimeno will be at the helm of the orchestra, succeeding to Emmanuel Krivine. You'll find all the deeds on our website.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to listen to music!


-- Julie