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20 juin 2014

Time well wasted #27

par Philharmonie Luxemburg

You may not know this but every artist who performs at the Philharmonie leaves a note in the guest book. I had to go through each of them (one for each season) this week and this brought back memories. Memories of artists whose train was delayed so long they almost didn't make it to the concert, who braved a famous Icelandic volcano to get here or who did make it to Luxembourg but without luggage. One thing struck me though: Sure, there's very often a note about the acoustics or the architecture but more often than not artists have a nice word for the people they've met and by "people" I mean you and us. They remember the (not so) little things we do for them and they remember the audience. This hall is one of the country's most famous landmarks but at the end of the day we (you and us) bring life to it. And on this bombshell... here are a few links to make your long weekend even better!

* Everybody's talking about football. What else could we do but share Classic fm's post about the best classical football songs?

* Ok, blowing our own horn again but here's a blogger who went to Kissin's concert last Saturday. She enjoyed the "Backstage" event, the concert and the signing session. And when someone tells you they spent a nice evening with you, wanting to tell the whole world is a normal reaction, isn't it?

* TRAFFO_CarréRotondes unveiled their 2014/15 season on Wednesday. Did you know that the OPL was involved in one of their collaborative projects earlier this season? Hopefully we'll be there too to celebrate their move in the actual rotondes... in June 2015.

* An interesting piece from the New York Times about semi-staged and concert opera. A good read before going to the "Operconcert am Summer". Just saying...

Have a nice long weekend, everyone! Enjoy the fireworks, the extra free time and the music, of course!


-- Julie