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Covid-19: Informations importantes par rapport à nos concerts, en savoir plus

Peter Moser

Peter Moser is a composer, performer, producer and facilitator and was the founder and Artistic Director of More Music, one of the foremost community music organisations in the UK (www.moremusic.org.uk). He has written scores for theatre, opera and dance projects as well as songs for occasions and large-scale choral and orchestral pieces.  Peter is a multi-instrumentalist and teaches percussion, voice, brass and songwriting as well as the art of running workshops.  He co-edited 'COMMUNITY MUSIC : A HANDBOOK, a book that covers a range of music and music workshop topics and is aimed at inspiring and empowering musicleaders.

His work over the past 25 years at More Music – based at The Hothouse in Morecambe, a seaside resort in the North West of England – has seen programmes involve thousands people of all ages in creative musicmaking and performances. The current focus of his work includes major strategic development with Music Education Hubs and with the very disadvantaged community in the West End of Morecambe.

One project, THE LONG WALK, was a response to the Morecambe Bay tragedy of 2004 has initiated a 10 year development of community music practice in Hong Kong and mainland China. This has led to international work in Brazil and with ISME, where he is now the Co Chair of the Community Music Activity Seminar.

He is also the Fastest-One-Man-Band-In-The-World: www.fastestonemanband.com.