Entrée des Artistes

  • Philharmonie Luxembourg vue par drone
    ©: John Oesch
  • reflet lumineux dans le Foyer
    ©: Alfonso Salgueiro
  • Extérieur de la Philharmonie Luxembourg de nuit
    ©: Alfonso Salgueiro

The Philharmonie invites you to visits beyond the familiar paths. Explore the building’s architecture and questions of programming, and of course guided tours also take you through the Grand Auditorium, the Salle de Musique de Chambre, the Espace Découverte and the foyer. Participants also get an impression of the backstage area. Guided tours depend and are adapted to the current artistic activities in the building, but you may encounter musicians and technicians and catch a glimpse of a rehearsal. Discover places usually closed to the public and look behind the scenes of concert life. The languages of the guided tours are announced beforehand, but they may also be adapted to visitors’ needs at the beginning of the tour.

Come visit and discover the Philharmonie as you have never seen it before!


The artist entrance is located on the right side of the Philharmonie, behind the Billetterie entrance (see plan).


  • Placement libre 10 €
Réservez vos tickets en ligne jusqu’à cinq minutes avant le début de la visite.
Les Kulturpass sont les bienvenus


  • Date dimanche 18.02.24
  • Horaire 11:00
  • Durée 60
  • Langue En anglais
  • Lieu Entrée des Artistes
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