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Energise your day… with music!
Salle de Répétition I
Martina Menichetti posiert mit Musikinstrumenten
©: Alfonso Salgueiro

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Die Musiker*innen

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Take a break from your workday and refuel your energy levels with an interactive music workshop at the Philharmonie. These open music-making sessions are designed for adults without previous musical knowledge who are curious about what music-making feels like, as well as adults who wish to bring their instrument and make music in groups in a creative and cheerful atmosphere. Musician, educator and speaker Martina Menichetti will lead the workshop, and encourage and guide participants in discovering music instruments, singing and playing around with rhythm and movement. Your Musical Lunchbreak always includes a surprise, and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your week.


  • Freie Platzwahl 15 €
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  • Datum Mittwoch 11.10.23
  • Uhrzeit 12:30
  • Dauer 40
  • Sprache Auf Englisch
  • Ort Salle de Répétition I
  • Empfohlenes Alter Erwachsene