Coll | Orchestral Works

Luxembourg Philharmonic, Gustavo Gimeno, Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Coll | Orchestral CD-Hülle

The OPL and Gustavo Gimeno continue their acclaimed PENTATONE series of composer portraits with a monograph of a living composer, Francisco Coll. In Coll’s music, the past and present converge in a single space, by realising a contemporary sound world while creatively employing traditional forms and influences, be it a classical genre (Violin Concerto and the “grotesque symphony” Mural) or his musical roots (Four Iberian Miniatures). With pieces composed between 2005 and 2019, the album traces Coll’s spectacular musical development, from his studies under Thomas Adès in London to his present bloom. The lush, sensuous nature of his orchestral writing fully comes to life in these performances. Besides the strong relationship between Coll and conductor Gimeno, this new release also showcases the exceptional violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja, for whom he has written several works, including his violin concerto, first recorded here.

Luxembourg Philharmonic
Gustavo Gimeno
Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Violin Concerto for violin and orchestra Hidd’n Blue op. 6 for orchestra Mural for large orchestra Four Iberian Miniatures for violin and chamber orchestra Aqua Cinerea op. 1 for orchestra

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