Puccini | Messa di Gloria

Charles Castronovo, Ludovic Tézier, Orfeó Català, Luxembourg Philharmonic, Gustavo Gimeno

Puccini Messa di gloria CD-Hülle

Before turning his attention to opera, Puccini wrote a number of wonderful works that are perhaps less well known, even if they already put his full genius on show. This is particularly true of the astonishing Messa di Gloria, whose evocative power and shimmering colours well deserve the exceptional cast on this recording. Indeed, a special passion inspires the soloists and chorus gathered around Gustavo Gimeno and the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Philharmonic
Gustavo Gimeno
Orfeó Català
Charles Castronovo
Ludovic Tézier

Messa di gloria & Orchestral Works · Messa a quattro voci con orchestra SC 6 also called Messa di GloriaI. Kyrie (5'12)II. Gloria · Gloria (2'02) · Laudamus (2'26) · Gratias (3'40) · Gloria (0'24) · Domine Deus (0'57) · Qui tollis peccata (4'04) · Quoniam (1'07) · Cum Sancto Spiritu (3'49)III. Credo · Credo (2'46) · Et incarnatus (2'38) · Crucifixus (2'26) · Et resurrexit (2'22) · Et unam, sanctam (2'18) · Et vitam (1'13)IV. Sanctus et Benedictus · Sanctus (1'17) · Benedictus (2'14)· V. Agnus Dei (2'38)· Scherzo per archi SC 56 (5'21) · Capriccio sinfonico SC 55 (12'52) · Crisantemi. Elegia per quartetto d'archi SC 65 (7'20)

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