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Experience live music

Since the Philharmonie’s inauguration, concerts for young audiences have had a particular place in its artistic programme. So it’s no wonder that ever since 2005, a steadily growing number of children, visiting hundreds of concerts, has discovered the thrill of music. And it’s no surprise either, that they remain devoted to the Philharmonie and its award-winning youth programme for years.

Musical Journeys for a Younger Audience

During the season 2019/20, the Philharmonie once again invites young audience members on journeys to fantastical lands and different sound worlds. Concerts, musical theatre and workshops await children and their curious companions. A special focus is on the Philharmonie’s own productions for the age group from 0 to 13: a total of 24 new productions will be premiered during the 2019/20 season at the Philharmonie. Stories like those of the «world discoverers» which won the audience’s hearts in 2018/19 are continued in «Die geheimnisvolle Prinzessin» («The Mysterious Princess»), offering further variation to the programme. For the cycles «Bout‘chou» (2-4 years) in cooperation with the Musée Dräi Eechelen and «Musek erzielt» (4-8 years), the Philharmonie is looking forward to collaborating with Dan Tanson, whose stage productions merge sound and movement in a poetic and humorous holistic experience. The valuable cooperation with Luxembourg’s conservatories and schools will continues and continues to grow.