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Discovery Nights | 1 Guided Tour + 1 Apéro + 1 Concert

Calling all curious explorers – without age limits

Tatjana Mehner 

Anyone who thinks that a visit to the Philharmonie is always the same – listening and sitting still while serious people play serious music – is not only mistaken, but has definitely missed out. For example, they might have overlooked the gnome Loopino, who is on an extended voyage through time and space; or sailed right past Captain Mullebutz, who regularly puts down anchor in Luxembourg with his sweet-water sailors; or possibly they didn’t realize they could join the action as a musician, before, after or in the middle of a concert – marching to their own tune, as it were – not to mention a myriad of other opportunities.

Experiences, discoveries and adventures, music for all the senses: that is what the productions of the Philharmonie’s Education Department offer. We just don’t believe in age limits – there is something for everyone, from absolute «beginners» to those experts who seem like they might live at the Philharmonie. It’s never too late for your (first) visit to the ­Philharmonie – nor is it ever too early. Apart from the tried-and-tested, established formats, there is now also «Novolino», a new series for the very youngest listeners and those accompanying them. This completes the programme, already highly differentiated for various age brackets. Staged concerts blur the boundaries between storytelling and pure sound… Two new taster workshop series open up surprising avenues to experiencing music – one of them, for adults, taking place at lunchtime.

Designing concert events as sustainable and holistic experiences is a goal which is ever more at the heart of the Education Department’s work. Three new themed weekends unleash a ­festival vibe at the Philharmonie: explored from all angles with music as a medium – the ever-present percussion; resounding inspiration for Christmas; and finally an encounter between music and nature… Anyone who cannot find their very personal musical adventure here simply hasn’t tried!

Themed weekend


«Nature» 13.–14.05.

Moving through our environment with open ears, finding the beauty of nature reflected in music. Composers have always been inspired by the sounds of their surroundings – birdsong, storms, the roaring sea… As diverse as the interfaces between music and environment are the approaches to both of them that arise from cultivating this attitude. That is where the third themed weekend comes in: it features workshops and concerts, to arouse curiosity among listeners of all ages, and too explores how we can treat our environment with respect.


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