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Experience live music

Since the Philharmonie’s inauguration, concerts for young audiences have had a particular place in its artistic programme. So it’s no wonder that ever since 2005, a steadily growing number of children, visiting hundreds of concerts, has discovered the thrill of music. And it’s no surprise either, that they remain devoted to the Philharmonie and its award-winning youth programme for years.

All roads lead to Music

Endless adventures! Circus or pantomime artists with astounding body control might tell entire stories just by the way they move; every day objects might suddenly begin to dance, and modern video arts conjure up exotic landscapes; an imp confronts the challenges of the great wide world, and an entire orchestra enters the dreamworld of elves; familiar instruments do unusual things, and musical instruments you’ve never seen take centre stage. The possibilities seem endless. But one thing is certain: all the trails blazed by the Philharmonie’s programme for young audi ences lead to music. Timeless yet current, themes and media are tailored exactly to the needs and interests of the agegroup in question. When music meets other art forms – such as dance, circus, theatre or video – a very special dynamic and poetry unfold. These programmes harness their power to an unusual degree, awak ening curiosity about the infinite world of sounds – some to discover through listening, others through active participation. One is never too young for music!