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Experience live music

Since the Philharmonie’s inauguration, concerts for young audiences have had a particular place in its artistic programme. So it’s no wonder that ever since 2005, a steadily growing number of children, visiting hundreds of concerts, has discovered the thrill of music. And it’s no surprise either, that they remain devoted to the Philharmonie and its award-winning youth programme for years.

Music as a Storyteller

Searching for a grain of sand in the desert in the company of imps… joining a teddy bear and a cute robot on a secret nocturnal excursion… defeating the Gingerbread Witch with Hänsel and Gretel… dreaming of the sea with Mr. Blue… diving among sea anemones like Nemo, deep under the sea… cracking the code to the secret underwater world of Atlantis… or playing the magic flute back on dry land, helping a well-known opera prince and an even more famous bird-catcher as they liberate a princess from the clutches of a supposedly evil ruler…

When the Philharmonie offers a production for young audience, music frequently becomes a storyteller. These stories draw on inspiration from all over the world. Sometimes this means listening to instruments not heard around here every day, sometimes delving into the secrets of music history, at other times taking advantage of the latest multimedia possibilities. Whether classic fairytales or exploring how to find one’s own place in the world, dazzling circus shows or hands-on participation, whether there is a grand orchestra on stage or a string quartet – finding the right tone for a fascinating story does not necessarily require words but sounds. And as sounds are at home between the Philharmonie’s pillars, there are stories here for everyone who is young, or young at heart.


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