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Nothing should ever stop you from pushing the door of a concert hall. Whatever your mobility challenges or situation, we’re here to help and to bring you straight to what matters: the joy which only the experience of music can give. Feel free to read on to plan your next visit, or simply give us a call at: (+352) 26 32 26 32.

People in wheelchair in the Foyer

Got a question? You’re not the only one!

How accessible is the Philharmonie?

For people with mobility challenges, the Philharmonie and the individual performance venues are barrier-free. Elevators, large doors  and access ramp mean you should be able to navigate the building seamlessly, whatever your mobility situation might be. Besides, special seats for wheelchair users can be reserved at all venues. 

How do I avoid the stairs if I'm coming by public transportation?

Believe it or not, there is a possibility to access the Philharmonie from Avenue John Fitzgerald Kenndy without having to take those massive stairs! Aim towards the European Convention Center: that’s where the stairs stop and get you right onto the Place de l’Europe. If you are coming with the Adapto Transport Service, ask the driver to drop you off there.

Where can I park?

The Philharmonie has step-free access to and fro both of its nearest car parks, called Trois Glands and the Place de l’Europe. If you aren’t sure where these are, do consult our digital map, or give us a call at  (+352) 26 32 26 32.

How can book a special seat?

Our special seats dedicated to wheelchair users are indicated by a sign on each of our halls’ seating maps. You should be able to see those upon booking your tickets online. We’d actually recommend you call us directly though: the team at the Information & Billetterie will be able to assist you in a personalised manner as you plan your experience at the Philharmonie.

I’ve arrived at the Philharmonie but I’m not sure how to enter the concert hall or where to sit...

Not to worry: simply approach one of our ushers if you’re in any doubt, show them your ticket and they will gladly escort you to your seat so don’t miss a single bit of the performance. 

I carry a buggy and/or a rollator: can I take it with me inside the hall?
For safety reasons, it is not possible to bring bulky items into the concert halls. When you arrive at the Philharmonie, our ushers will show you where to store them for the duration of the concert.
However, if it isn’t possible for you to walk without (in the case of a rollator for instance), don’t worry: you will be able to keep it until you reach seat, following which one of our ushers will collect it. That same usher will then come back with it right after the concert ends and gently escort you out of the hall.
Are there bathrooms for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, of couse! All of the Philharmonie’s bathrooms are equipped with cubicles for people with special needs.

Will I be able to enjoy the Foyer's food and drink offering?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t :) The Philharmonie’s Foyer is wide and spacious so that everyone can get around as they please. The bars are surrounded with tables and chairs where you will be able to sit, and there also several comfortable sofas for you to rest around the Foyer.

And what about people with other special needs, or large groups?
All are welcome at the Philharmonie.
If you hold a Kulturpass, we’d love for you to come by and use it: a ticket to any of our concert will only cost you 1,50 €.
If you are planning a trip to the Philharmonie for a larger group with special needs and/or reduced mobility: that’s wonderful! We really look forward to hearing more about your project. Simply get in touch with the Fondation EME by calling +352 26 02 27 435 or by writing to [email protected]. We’ll take it from there.
How can I find out more?

We’re here to help! For any further information, do not hesitate to call our team on (+352) 26 32 26 32.

If you have any other question, don't hesitate to reach out and tell us more!

Marco Muser, Box Office Assistant, in the Ticketing Office

Frequently Asked Questions

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