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Set like a diamond in the heart of the Kirchberg plateau, the masterpiece designed by architect Christian de Porzamparc is a place of life and music which belongs to all. From symphonic concerts to techno, its programme of over 500 annual events is designed to cross genres and bring people together across various cultures and generations. 

Our purpose

To share musical experiences that open hearts and minds.

A living masterwork

On top of the Kirchberg...

With its unusually immaculate facade, countless columns and curvy walls, that mysterious building which we call the Philharmonie has a way of feeling quite out-of-this-world… No need to be intimidated: get to know it inside and out as you prepare to push its door!

The ceiling of the Foyer

Meet the Luxembourg Philharmonic

United in continuity

Wonder how an orchestra works? What the difference between a piccolo and a oboe is? Who the Luxembourg Philharmonic’s 99 musicians are? Explore their biographies and instruments here.

Group of musicians from the Luxembourg Philharmonic

Aside from the Luxembourg Philharmonic, the Philharmonie is home to another orchestra...

Did you know?

Founded in 2022, the Orchestre Place de l’Europe gathers committed non-professional musicians around exciting performance projects, in the Grand Duchy and aboard.

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Orchestre Place de l'Europe playing on the stage of the Grand Auditorium

With our signature Academy, we nurture the next generation of orchestra musicians

Always looking forward...

The Luxembourg Philharmonic Academy is an intense, two-year introduction to professional orchestra life. Participants come from all over the world to live and learn together at the Philharmonie.

Meet the current class
Luxembourg Philharmonic Academy members posing with Gustavo Gimeno in front of the Philharmonie
A guided tour in the backstage

Discovery Nights

A guided tour, a cocktail reception, and finally a concert! Explore the Philharmonie’s backstage area and add an exciting social element to the evening.
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A woman discovering the Foyer

Your first visit

Buying a ticket is all well and good... but how should I dress? When should I arrive? What can I eat? How do I get there? In short: where do I begin? Relax. We’ve got you covered!
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