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B néPhil

Another Step towards a Culture of Open Arms

people gethered in the Grand Foyer of the Philharmonie

For twenty years, the Philharmonie has been bringing together people from very different backgrounds, all of them with the same calling: serving others and sharing the strong emotions music allows us to experience.

In keeping with this goal and inspired by the practice of many cultural institutions in Great Britain and North America, this season the Philharmonie introduces the circle «BénéPhil», a group of volunteers whose task it will be to make themselves available to the audience on certain concert evenings. Whether helping those arriving at the building with orientation, sharing insights into how an orchestra works, or advising curious listeners on which concerts to choose – these carefully trained volunteers will give the Philharmonie the gift of their time, aided and accompanied by the Philharmonie staff, to welcome, listen to and support others.

There’s no reason to worry, though: volunteers need not have an answer to every question or know every detail of the 20-year history of the Philharmonie or the more than 500 concerts on its programmes every year. Often, a smile is worth just as much – possibly more! – than a long speech. Put very simply, the point is to enjoy dialogues with others, and to share one’s own enthusiasm.

During the course of the season, the first volunteers will be invited to feedback their ideas and experiences, participating in the development of the programme «BénéPhil» together with the various departments of the Philharmonie.

Anyone who identifies with the Philharmonie’s goals and who would like to contribute to improving its image by joining this group, which is characterized by goodwill and solidarity, is cordially invited to contact Mikel Braaten, head of volunteer services, at [email protected] or on the phone at (+352) 26 02 27 940.