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A guided tour in the Foyer
A guided tour in the Foyer

When you push open the door of the Philharmonie, you must be ready to be caught by surprise… Throughout the year, our team of guides reveals its thousand and one secrets through insightful and convivial tours. En français, auf Deutsch, in English or op Lëtzebuergesch – and above all in a friendly atmosphere – these visits take you from the stage to the backstage, from the secrets of the construction to the ins and outs of the concert programming.

  • A guided tour in the Salle de Musique de Chambre
  • A guided tour in the Foyer
  • A guided tour in the backstage
  • A guided tour in the Grand Auditorium
  • A guided tour in the ticketing office

Any questions? You're not the only one.

How do I get to the Philharmonie?

Same as on a regular concert night! If you are coming by car, two parking lots are available to you nearby: the Parking Place de l'Europe and the Parking Trois Glands. If you prefer to take public transportation, you're in luck: there’s a tram stop right in front of the building and three stops will get you within less than 200 meters of the Philharmonie: «Rout Bréck-Pafendall», «BEI», or (you guessed it) «Philharmonie / Mudam».

Where do the tours start?

Our friendly guides will wait for you where musicians come in, that is, by the so-called «Entrée des artistes» (Artists' entrance), on the right-hand side of the building. If you arrive early, don't worry: a member of the Conciergerie Team at the reception desk will show you where to wait.

What's the difference between a day and a night tour?

The answer is in the question ;) The visit's programme doesn't change between our Day and Night Tours, which means you'll get to see the same things – just in a different light!

Until when can I book my tickets?

You can book your tickets online until five minutes before the tour.

Further questions? Want to book a private tour?

For further information you may call us (+352) 26 02 27 930 or write an email to [email protected].

A guided tour in the backstage

Discovery Nights

A guided tour, a cocktail reception, and finally a concert! Explore the Philharmonie’s backstage area and add an exciting social element to the evening.
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Map of the outside of the Philharmonie Luxembourg

Getting Here

Car, bus, tram, bike... All roads lead to the Philharmonie! On this page, we give you our special tips to travel smoothly and conviently.
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