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By using music as a universal language to create avenues for mutual understanding, the Fondation EME places solidarity and inclusion at the heart of its mission.

A group of people in wheelchairs in front of a stage
©: Alfonso Salgueiro

Music is a universal language.

It can break down barriers of all kinds. In a time of increasing inequality with regard to access to culture, the Fondation EME seeks to build a world in which all can live in dignity, with self-confidence and trust in others.

The Fondation EME is committed to inclusion.

Founded in 2009,

Their programmes are at the interface of social action, music and culture, seeking to engage audience who are not typically part of Luxembourg's culture scene. They arrange concerts in care institutions, curate music workshops for people with special needs and offer concert tickets to refugees, among many others. To find out more about their scope and mission, visit their website.

To the Fondation EME's website
Young kids learning how to play percussions during an EME workshop

This is what inclusion looks like

  • An EME concert in the Salle de Musique de Chambre
  • An EME workshop with young people, learning to dance an play music
  • An EME workshop with elderly people
  • Cheerful audience at an EME concert
  • Kids participating to a EME project
  • Young participants to an EME concert, including one young boy in a wheelchair
  • A musician teaching how to use a violin
« Be it a recital for the elderly, a workshop with refugees or a special needs opera: every project makes you feel the power of music and shows you how it can bring people together. » - Sarah Bergdoll, General Coordinator of the Fondation EME
Two persons holding hands

How can I support the Fondation?

All of the Fondation's projects are financed exclusively by your donations. By supporting the Fondation EME you help to offer people in need the joy they deserve.
An EME concert with an actor in wheelchair

Where can I find out more about your work?

The Fondation's mission and upcoming projects are presented in greater depth on their website. Head there to find out more!