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EME Foundation

  • Project Gospel & Friends (photo: Sébastien Grébille) Project Gospel & Friends (photo: Sébastien Grébille)
  • Project Different Project Different
  • Project Music without borders Project Music without borders
  • Project Looss alles eraus Project Looss alles eraus
  • Fête de la musique Ettelbrück Fête de la musique Ettelbrück

Support the foundation

Eyes are bright again, memories are revived thanks to old songs, fairy tales come true. Help the EME Foundation to share this joy!


In return, the EME Foundation will send you a receipt for your donation that can be submitted to fiscal authorities, the Administration des Contributions Directes in Luxembourg. The EME Foundation adheres to the Code of good conduct for organizations soliciting public generosity.


In a society in search of dignity and integration, the Fondation EME  enables everyone to live together better thanks to the universal language of music.

Faced with increasing inequalities, social injustices and barriers to access to services and culture, the Fondation EME wants to work for a world in which everyone can live with dignity, self-confidence and trust in others. Since 2009, through music, we have been bringing well-being to the lives of people in need by preserving their diversity.

Our projects

Our programs are at the interface of social action, music and culture. Our events are particularly aimed at people who, for various reasons, are not part of the usual audience for this type of cultural activity, as well as children and adults with disabilities or reduced mobility, the elderly, socially disadvantaged people or people in difficult situations, often on the verge of marginalisation and isolation.

The Fondation EME is committed to inclusion. With its various programmes and musicians, it aims to involve people in need in Luxembourg's cultural life.

Number of people reached in 2019 : +/- 15.000, including children and adults with various disabilities or reduced mobility, sick people, elderly people, socially disadvantaged and people in difficult situations.

Number of events in 2019 : 650

Number of partners in 2019: 180, including paediatric and other services in hospitals, nursing homes, day-care centres for Alzheimer's patients, children's homes, prisons, homes for the homeless, the state socio-educational centre, etc.

Please help us !

The Fondation EME is not subsidized by the state, all our projects are financed exclusively by your donations. We therefore need your help to be able to offer all these activities.

By supporting the Fondation EME, you will bring self-confidence, courage and joy of life to people in need.

For more details on the EME Foundation, please visit their website