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EME Foundation

«Joy Caravan» project «Joy Caravan» project

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Eyes are bright again, memories are revived thanks to old songs, fairy tales come true. Help the EME Foundation to share this joy!

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In return, the EME Foundation will send you a receipt for your donation that can be submitted to fiscal authorities, the Administration des Contributions Directes in Luxembourg. The EME Foundation adheres to the Code of good conduct for organizations soliciting public generosity.


The EME Foundation – «Listen to Understand Each Other Better», founded in January 2009 and working in close cooperation with the Philharmonie Luxembourg, offers access to music to people who are generally excluded from cultural life - such as children and adults with complex disabilities or reduced mobility, individuals living in difficult situations, socially disadvantaged, marginalized or isolated people. EME brings music to places like hospitals, care homes or prisons, combining the social and cultural dimensions.

The range of expertise present in the board of the EME Foundation as well as the Philharmonie's tight regional and international network provide the drive for the development of made-to-measure musical offerings for disadvantaged people in a wide variety of situations. Highly motivated musicians and volunteers serve the idea of bringing music to people who would normally be excluded from the cheering direct encounters with live music.

The foundation relies exclusively on gifts, legacies and donations. With your contribution to the EME Foundation you help to insure the longevity of our projects.

Who is the EME Foundation for?

Thanks to the involvement of more than 50 professional musicians, the Fondation organized 650 events for 12,000 beneficiairies in 2013. 212 institutions like hospitals, care homes, day centers for Alzheimer patients, day centers for children, prison, day centers for the homeless, as well as the centre socio-éducatif de l’Etat offer concerts for their patients and residents or are part of projects. The Foundation offers several regular projects like concerts in hospitals and care homes or singing workshops in the ALA foyers and psychiatric wards in Esch-sur-Alzette and Ettelbruck.

The Foundation also organizes specific projects for different publics. The intergenerational project «Joy Caravan», assembles children from day centers with seniors from carehomes in the whole country to play djembe. Once a year, the Foundation organizes, together with the English Touring Opera, a big project made to measure, for disabled people. This year, it’s called «Rumbled». The RAP Project is organized with the musicians from the luxembourgish group De Läb and the youngsters from Dreiborn. The Foundation, together with Gast Waltzing, also set up the «Schrassig Blues» project for prisoners.