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Kids’ Phil

The Philharmonie offers original and entertaining digital programming for children of all ages. 


23.05.2021 | 11:00 «Die Schottische», Streaming fir Familljen

Eng abenteuerlech a musikalesch Rees fir Kanner ab 6 Joer

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«Dem Här Blo säin Dram vum Mier»

Erzielconcert fir Kanner vu 4 Joer un

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Loopino tells you stories about the animals on the farm or the Marzipan Princess. His friends invite you to handicrafts and singing.

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Orchesterinstrumente entdecken mit Juri


Loopino - E musikalescht Héierbuch

Loopino and his friends invite you to brave the high waves with them and get to know the citizens of the sea.

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Musikalesch Geschichten

Let yourself and your children be enthralled by musical fairy-tales in Luxembourgish.

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Mir bastelen Museksinstrumenter

Learn how to build your own musical instruments from everyday objects.

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