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24.–26.06 Fräiraim Festival | 3 Days, 6 Stages, 60 Concerts, 600 Musicians, more here


rainy days 2022

Festival de musiques nouvelles


The sound laboratory

When November comes and Luxembourg is increasingly enveloped in fog, the festival rainy days bathes the Philharmonie in particularly colourful and di-verse sounds. Luxembourg’s international contemporary music forum brings the latest developments in current art music to the Grand Duchy, while also presenting Luxembourgish musicians and composers to local concertgoers and international visitors. From sound installations and sound walks to elec-tronic and video performances, musical ­theatre, film and symphony concerts, the festival presents the full richness and vividness of today’s music scenes – anything goes, as long as it’s interesting.

rainy days was founded in 2000 by the composer Claude Lenners and the percussionist Guy Frisch. When the Philharmonie opened in 2005, the festival found its home here, enriching the concert hall’s programming with contemporary sounds. Over the course of more than 20 years, the festival has at-tracted a growing audience of novelty seekers, enthusiasts and experts. Some come to a single performance, others never miss a concert – the audience is as diverse as the programme.

Every year, rainy days is devoted to a specific theme, always inspired by the audience’s experiences beyond the concert hall and presenting a panorama of very different artistic positions, not least approximately 15 new works written by both renowned and up-and-coming composers commissioned by the festival.

In 2022 the festival looks beyond our own world. Music has the unique ability to evoke faraway, utopian or imaginary spheres – or simply to invent them. This year, rainy days invites the audience to explore not only sonic worlds beyond our own – from spiritual realms to the cosmos and virtual realities. All in keeping with the motto: «out of this world».


rainy days 2022 presents

Ensemble Musikfabrik, Ensemble Recherche, Noise Watchers, Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Percussion Under Construction, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, United Instruments of Lucilin, Yarn/Wire, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Thomas Ankersmit, Juliet Fraser, Noa Frenkel, Karin Hellqvist, Salome Kammer, Francisco López, Brad Lubman, Jean-Guihen Queyras, Elsa Rauchs, Christian Schmitt, Christoph Sietzen, Marcus Weiss…


Featuring premieres and new works by

Mark Andre, Newton Armstrong, Carola Bauckholt, Pascale Criton, Nwando Ebizie, Óscar Escudero & Belenish Moreno-Gil, Helmut Lachenmann, Liza Lim, Patrick Muller, Alexander Schubert, Arthur Stammet, Chris Swithinbank, Andrea Tarrodi, Øyvind Torvund, Laurent Willkomm…


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