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«Loopino cherche les voix du printemps»

Theatre musicale et/ + atelier creatives

09.03.2024 10:30, 14:30 & 16:30,

Espace Découverte

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Julie Kieffer Loopino
Penelope Appleyard, Clare Stewart, Jacob Ewens, Oli Martin-Smith, Augustus Perkins-Ray chant
Laurène Schuller atelier musical
Sara Mossong atelier créatif
Tobias Ribitzki mise en scène
Florian Angerer décors, costumes
Susanne Felicitas Wolf texte

Age: 3–5 years
Language: En français
Duration: 75'

Small, curious and sometimes a bit cheeky – that’s Loopino, an imp resembling many of his viewers aged 3 to 5. Together with them, accompanied by plenty of music, he discovers the world. This year, it’s the four – no, five – seasons which fascinate him. And there will always be plenty of chances to join the action. After all, each of Loopino’s adventures comes with a creative workshop.

Production Philharmonie


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    Free seating
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