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Chazelle's «Whiplash», with live music

Grand Auditorium
A person sitting on a drum set with the teacher intensively staring at him
©: Daniel McFadden

What you'll hear and see

The music

  • Film: Whiplash (2014)
  • Damien Chazelle réalisation, scénario
  • Justin Hurwitz musique

The artists

  • Charlier/Sourisse Multiquarium Big Band

vo EN, st FR

If you thought jazz was all about grooving and smiling, you’re in for quite a surprise with Damien Chazelle’s 2014 Whiplash, a psychological thriller set in the claustrophobic intimacy of a rehearsal studio at a prestigious music school. This Oscarnominated indie gem revolves around the relationship between an aspiring drummer and his professor, a tyrant whose cruelty is only matched by his genius. Don’t miss this poignant faceoff, which brings the themes of ambition, authority, and artistic emancipation to vivid life, whilst also exploring the meaning of virtuosity.


  • Cat. I 45 €
  • Cat. II 35 €
  • Cat. III 25 €, (+352) 26 32 26 32 Under 31? Save on ticket price with
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  • Date Tuesday 21.11.23
  • Time 19:30
  • Duration 110
  • Venue Grand Auditorium
  • Subscription Ciné-Concerts
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