R ude

Musikalesch Geschicht
Espace Découverte
Sun &
An illustration of a lion on a skateboard
©: Sebastian Curi

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Betsy Dentzer Erzielung
  • Duo Aliada
  • Michal Knot Saxophon
  • Bogdan Laketic Akkordeon
  • Richard Schmetterer directing
  • Olivier Garofalo text
  • Karoline Hogl stage design
  • Benedikt Haefner assisting directing

Musical storytime

Outrageous! From one day to the next, the Red Lion has disappeared! Out of the blue, he has sloped off! In search of adventures, he finds himself in a strange world, the land of Alusru. Here he meets unusual creatures, such as Orlaf, Callis or Illaias. And the Red Lion gets to know something completely new: as different as all these creatures are, in the land of Alusru they all live together peacefully - because everyone here is important and at exactly the right place.

Production Philharmonie


  • children 12 €
  • adults 18 €
Kulturpass welcome


How to get here

Experience the concert as a part of the subscription: Musikalesch Aventuren (LU, 4–8 Joer)