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Performing magic – haven’t you wished you were a magician, at least occasionally; making something disappear, or conjuring something out of a hat or pulling off a card trick…? But there are other worlds of magic out there. Just think of the ones you can evoke through music. This themed weekend is all about magic. Whether in workshops, large or more intimate concerts, stories told through sound, listening sessions or hands-on fun for all the family – enchantment will sweep through all the Philharmonie’s spaces!
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An illustration of a unicorn with a rainbow
©: Sebastian Curi

A duo off well-perched Wading Birds

A giant magician and his friend, the mischievous Confetti, take over the Philharmonie. Heads-up: no doubt that there will be an explosion of colour!


  • Date Sunday 05.05.24
  • Time 11:20
  • Duration 20
  • Language Without words
  • Venue Grand Foyer
  • Recommended age For the entire family
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