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Espace Découverte
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An illustration of a group of musicians flying in the air with their instruments
©: Victoria Sanchez Ayuso

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Lisa Furtner
  • Vivid Consort
  • Lorina Vallaster Blockflöte, Gesang
  • Christine Gnigler Blockflöte, Gesang
  • Sheng-Fang Chiu Blockflöte
  • Matthias Werner Musikdramaturgie, Arrangements
  • Caroline Richards Regie
  • Sabrina Hager assistance to directing
  • Ragna Heiny Ausstattung
  • Cornelia Voglmayr Choreographie

Staged Concert

They are courageous, full of curiosity and passion - and they love their recorders. When the three musicians take their story into their own hands and set off for fairyland, an imaginative adventure begins: suddenly everything is upside down! Crazy! Artist talk after the concert: 15'

Coproduction Philharmonie, Konzerthaus Wien


  • children 12 €
  • adults 18 €
Kulturpass welcome


  • Date Saturday 18.05.24
  • Time 11:00, 17:00
  • Duration 60
  • Language In German
  • Venue Espace Découverte
  • Recommended age 5–9 years
  • Subscription Philou (DE, 5-9 Jahre)
How to get here

Experience the concert as a part of the subscription: Philou (DE, 5-9 Jahre)

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