«Jim is Still Crowing»

live performance: United Instruments of Lucilin featuring Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson
Grand Auditorium

What you'll hear and see

The music

  • Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson Jim is Still Crowing

The artists

  • United Instruments of Lucilin
  • Sophie Deshayes flute
  • Christelle Pochet clarinet
  • David Sattler bassoon
  • André Pons-Valdès violin
  • Winnie Cheng violin
  • Hannah Elgas viola
  • Adya Khanna Fontenla cello
  • Pascal Meyer piano
  • Galdric Subirana percussion
  • Lautaro Mura conducting
  • Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson trumpet

Duration: 35’

«Jim Crow» was the term used for a system created in the 19th century which restricted voting and civil rights of Black Americans until the 1960s. Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson’s work is a reaction to the growing movement which is once again surfacing to enforce segregation in the US.


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  • Date Saturday 18.11.23
  • Time 17:15
  • Duration 30
  • Venue Grand Auditorium
  • Subscription Lucilin: Now!
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