«Join a
B nd!»

Salle de Répétition I
"Join a band" written in pink on a green background

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Julien Cuvelier saxophone
  • Arthur Possing piano
  • Jérôme Klein percussion
  • Laurent Peckels bass

En français / Auf Deutsch / In English / Op Lëtzebuergesch

18. & 19.05., 08., 09., 15. & 16.06. 15:00 180’ Workshops
18.06. 18:00 60’ Répétition générale
19.06. 19:30 60’ Représentation

The «Join a Band!» series of workshops offers an opportunity for non-musicians and amateur musicians alike to be part of a real-life band. Three practice sessions are dedicated to melody, groove, and playing your part in an ensemble. The final concert will bring together all participants and teachers. Additionally, there will be a dedicated recording session at the Rocklabstudio at Rockhal, where participants will experience firsthand how a recording studio operates.

In cooperation with Rocklab


  • Jeunes 45 €


  • Date Saturday 18.05.24
  • Time 15:00
  • Duration 180
  • Language Multilingual
  • Venue Salle de Répétition I
  • Recommended age 14–21 years
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