Kinan Azmeh, Dima Orsho &
Bas lius

Salle de Musique de Chambre
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Dima Orsho, Kinan Azmeh & Issam Rafea standing in a narrow alley, holding music instruments

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Kinan Azmeh clarinet
  • Dima Orsho vocals
  • Basilius Alawad cello


A Syrian trio transcending cultural barriers to bring us closer.

Hewar means «dialogue» in Arabic. And dialogue is at the heart of this trio. Whether between themselves, using their instruments as voices. Between cultural traditions, melding social and political references. Or between musical styles, blending improvised and composed music, and combining classical, jazz and Arabic influences. These performer-composers present a unique exchange of diverse perspectives.

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