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«Terry Riley: Sun Rings»
Grand Auditorium
A group of people playing instruments in front on a spatial background
©: Wojciech Wandzel

What you'll hear and see

The music

  • Terry Riley Sun Ringsfor string quartet, chorus and pre-recorded spacescapes

The artists

  • Kronos Quartet
  • David Harrington violin
  • John Sherba violin
  • Hank Dutt viola
  • Paul Wiancko cello
  • Chœur de Chambre de Luxembourg
  • Antonio Grosu choir conducting
  • Willie Williams visual design
  • Laurence Neff light design
  • Mark Grey Sound Design
  • Brian H. Scott light
  • Scott Fraser Sound Design

Terry Riley: Sun Rings

Have you ever wondered what stars sound like?

The Guardian reports that «the Kronos Quartet’s new recording employs ’space sounds’ recorded by NASA over the years, and these percussive clicks, drones and ghostly screeches are artfully integrated into the string arrangements.»  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meditate creatively and poetically upon the infinite universe we are a part of, and to see everything you thought you knew about the string quartet being challenged in the most stimulating ways.