Symphonie N° 5 de Mahler»

Grand Auditorium
Gustavo Gimeno in tuxedo conducting an orchestra
©: Alfonso Salgueiro

What you'll hear and see

The music

  • Georges Lentz Violin Concerto «…to beam in distant heavens…» (commande Philharmonie, Luxembourg Philharmonic et Sydney Symphony Orchestra)
  • Gustav Mahler Symphonie N° 5

The artists

  • Luxembourg Philharmonic
  • Gustavo Gimeno conductor
  • Arabella Steinbacher violin

Enhance your experience

Artist talk: Gustavo Gimeno and Georges Lentz in conversation with Stephan Gehmacher (EN)

Artist talk: Gustavo Gimeno and Georges Lentz in conversation with Stephan Gehmacher (EN)

About «résonances»
A country cottage, a rippling lake in Carinthia, summer heat: this earthly paradise was the backdrop for the creation of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony N° 5 during a period of convalescence. Was it the sense of having escaped death that inspired him to write this masterpiece? Or perhaps it was the encounter with young Alma Schindler, whom he would later marry. Veering between darkness and irresistible elegance, Mahler’s symphony meets a new composition by the Luxembourgish composer Georges Lentz on 15.09., «…to beam in distant heavens…». Conceived under the star-spangled horizon of Australia, this violin concerto also reflects upon the duality of light and shadow, the proximity of death and the joy of being alive. Georges Lentz and the conductor Gustavo Gimeno will unpack its mysterious beauty before the concert at the Salle de Musique de Chambre at 18:45 (in English).


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