«Lo pino
flüstert mat de Summerwolleken»

Musekstheater a Kreativatelieren
Espace Découverte
Sun , &
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An illustration of Loopino walking in the nature
©: Sebastian Curi

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Renelde Pierlot Loopino
  • Amatis Trio
  • Lea Hausmann Gei
  • Samuel Shepherd Cello
  • Mengjie Han Piano
  • Laurène Schuller Museksatelier
  • Sara Mossong Kreativitéitsatelier
  • Tobias Ribitzki Regie
  • Florian Angerer Bün, Kostümer
  • Susanne Felicitas Wolf Text

Musical Theatre and Workshops in Creativity

After Loopino was out seeking the voices of spring, he takes his young listeners and viewers along to find the summery gentleness of a story inspired by the poetry of clouds. New adventures await in the company of the cleverest imp of all times. Before the event, creative workshops offer a chance to let the imagination run wild!

Production Philharmonie


  • children 12 €
  • adults 18 €
Kulturpass welcome


  • Date Sunday 09.06.24
  • Time 10:30, 14:30, 16:30
  • Duration 75
  • Language In Luxembourgish
  • Venue Espace Découverte
  • Recommended age 3–5 years
  • Subscription Loopino (LU, 3–5 Joer)
How to get here

Experience the concert as a part of the subscription: Loopino (LU, 3–5 Joer)