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Abenteueroper nach J. M. Barrie
Grand Auditorium
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Performing magic – haven’t you wished you were a magician, at least occasionally; making something disappear, or conjuring something out of a hat or pulling off a card trick…? But there are other worlds of magic out there. Just think of the ones you can evoke through music. This themed weekend is all about magic. Whether in workshops, large or more intimate concerts, stories told through sound, listening sessions or hands-on fun for all the family – enchantment will sweep through all the Philharmonie’s spaces!
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An illustration of Peter Pan flying with Wendy
©: Sebastian Curi

What you'll hear and see

The music

  • Frank Schwemmer, Michael Frowin Peter Pan(Uraufführung, Auftrag Philharmonie)

The artists

  • Luxembourg Philharmonic
  • Pueri Cantores du Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg chorus
  • Harry Ogg conducting
  • David Fernández Caravaca conducting
  • Pierre Nimax Chorleitung
  • Peter Kirk tenor
  • Georgina Fürstenberg soprano
  • Juliana Zara soprano
  • Maria Fiselier mezzo soprano
  • Beniamin Pop bass
  • William Wallace tenor
  • Charlotte Schetelich acting
  • Franz Schilling baritone
  • Daniel Ruiz Viejobueno tenor
  • Pol Serra tenor
  • Clément Rousseau ténor
  • Ester Stanga soprano
  • Jeremy Ney baritone
  • Anisha Bondy directing
  • Blanche Rérolle assisting directing
  • Julia Hansen stage design
  • Ellen Tschelebiew Bühnenbildassistenz
  • Uta Jäger costume design
  • Linda Witt Kostümassistenz
  • Saskia Theis
  • Manja Weber Maskenbild
  • Michael Morgan light
  • Étienne Guiol video
  • Satoshi Kubo Korrepetition
  • Thomas Ocampo video
  • Johan Pirroux video

An Adventurous Opera after J.M.Barrie

At St. Valentinus-Stift, the elite of tomorrow are made fit according to the motto: be smarter, be faster, be better. How good that Wendy counters the drill with her story of Peter Pan. But not everyone wants to believe in the boy who doesn't want to grow up. But suddenly Peter Pan appears in the school canteen in the flesh and whisks everyone away to Neverland. The adventure begins!


  • children 12 €
  • adults 18 €
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  • Date Saturday 04.05.24
  • Time 11:00
  • Duration 60
  • Language In German
  • Venue Grand Auditorium
  • Recommended age 6–106 years
  • Subscription Familles (DE, 6-106 Jahre)
How to get here

Experience the concert as a part of the subscription: Familles (DE, 6-106 Jahre)