J barteh

«Badinyaa Kumoo»
Grand Auditorium
Sona Jobarteh wearing a black dress and golden jewelry holding a kora
©: Rob O'Connor

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Sona Jobarteh kora, vocals
  • Eric Appapoulay guitar
  • Andi McLean bass
  • Mamadou Sarr percussion
  • Sidiki Jobarteh balafon, percussion
  • Yuval Wetzler drums

Sona Jobarteh: Badinyaa Kumoo

She was educated at Britain’s most prestigious conservatories, but her creative spark could never be content with only six centuries of European music history… In fact, Gambian composer Sona Jobarteh belongs to the griots, a caste of musicianstorytellers who have been keeping and passing on West Africa’s memory for thousands of years. Together with her kora, an instrument boasting no less than 21 strings and infinite narrative possibilities, she returns to the Philharmonie for the second time in her career, inviting her listeners to the wondrous world she has inherited, with flair and style.


NOTE: Please note that the concert initially scheduled for Saturday 20.01.24 has been moved to Sunday 04.02.24 at 19:30 due to a change in the artist’s touring schedule. The Philharmonie's Information & Billetterie is at your disposal for any further information you may require. We thank you for your understanding!