«Tamb urs
sabar du Sénégal»

Salle de Répétition II
An illustration of different percussion instruments
©: Victoria Sanchez Ayuso

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • El Hadji Moustapha Ndiaye animations


In this workshop, participants familiarise themselves with the sabar drum, the main instrument in the musical culture of the Wolof people from Senegal, which is played with one hand and a stick. In a relaxed atmosphere and in constant exchange of ideas and feelings, the participants will be learning different rhythms and some songs these rhythms are used in.

In collaboration with Philharmonie de Paris


  • children 10 €
  • adults 15 €
For children solo or with 1 accompanying adult
Kulturpass welcome


  • Date Saturday 27.04.24
  • Time 10:30
  • Duration 120' no break
  • Language In French
  • Venue Salle de Répétition II
  • Recommended age 8–12 years
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