«Wagner &
L geti:
In the distance»

Grand Auditorium
Gustavo Gimeno conducting the Luxembourg Philharmonic
©: Alfonso Salgueiro

What you'll hear and see

The music

  • György Ligeti Atmosphères Lontano
  • Richard Wagner Lohengrin: Vorspiel Tristan und Isolde: Vorspiel und Liebestod (Prélude et Mort d'Isolde) Parsifal WWV 111: Prelude Götterdämmerung (Le Crépuscule des dieux): Brünnhildes Opferszene (L'Immolation de Brünnhilde)

The artists

  • Luxembourg Philharmonic
  • Gustavo Gimeno conductor
  • Elisabet Strid soprano

Wiener Philharmoniker, Lorin Maazel

Enhance your experience

Artist talk: Gustavo Gimeno in conversation with Stephan Gehmacher (EN)

Artist talk: Gustavo Gimeno in conversation with Stephan Gehmacher (EN)

About «résonances»
An unusual combination – at least at first glance. Upon closer examination, these two composers have more in common than one might assume. Not least their ability to give opulently-sized orchestras a virtuoso treatment. György Ligeti, whose centenary the music world is celebrating his season, has also become a cinematic legend for Atmosphères, which Stanley Kubrick used for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Meanwhile, there are those who claim that Richard Wagner would be working in Hollywood if he were alive today. The Luxembourg Philharmonic is led by Gustavo Gimeno in this resounding cinemascope equivalent at the Grand Auditorium, where the conductor will participate in an Artist talk in English at 18:45.