Be tbox
& Loopstation

Salon PhilaPhil
Colorful illustration of various artistic and musical elements, including a paintbrush, musical notes, drum, guitar, and a microphone, arranged in a circular pattern on a pink background
©: Tara Deacon

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Mando Beatbox conception, animation

During the «Beatbox & Loopstation» workshop, you are able to learn two exciting things at once.

First, how to imitate everyday noises with your voice, and then how to record and layer the sounds using a loop machine. As a result, you might hear a whole orchestra or a colourful forest atmosphere created only by the voices of the participants. The workshop is led by the multiple beatbox master and loop station world champion Mando.


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  • Date Saturday 08.03.25
  • Time 14:30
  • Duration 60' no break
  • Language Multilingual
  • Venue Salon PhilaPhil
  • Recommended age 8–12 years
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