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Espace Découverte
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Young kids in the audience of a show
©: Sébastien Grébille

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Inesa Markava Dancer
  • Philippe Schwartz euphonium
  • Esra Kerber viola
  • Laurent Warnier percussion, arrangements
  • Paulo Lameiro conception, mise en scène
  • Lynn Scheidweiler costume design

Interactive concert

During a stroll through the scented forest bordering the Philharmonie, a violet meets a euphonium. They both fall in love with a marimba admired by babies' astonished faces. When the babies least expect it, a ballerina then bursts in, while they are gently cradled in their parents' arms. After this little surprise, where will they journey now to the sound of rhythms and melodies?

Production Philharmonie


  • children 14 €
  • adults 20 €
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  • Date Friday 14.02.25
  • Time 10:00, 15:30
  • Duration 50' no break
  • Language Without words
  • Venue Espace Découverte
  • Recommended age 0–2 years
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