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Eng spannend musikalesch Aventure
Espace Découverte
Sat &
Kids at a concert at the Philharmonie
©: Sébastien Grébille

What you'll hear and see

The artists

  • Clara Hertz acting
  • Caroline Richards directing
  • Ragna Heiny stage design
  • Anja Di Bartolomeo text
  • Elena Selena illustrations

A captivating music fairytale

The little mermaid Umika is desperate. Her best friend, the seahorse Billy, has disappeared without a trace. Will the other sea creatures be able to find their friend, despite their differences? Or has Rocky, the fearsome shark, made a snack of Billy? What do the mysterious shadows have to do with all this? A captivating story about friendship, solidarity, and the courage to throw prejudice overboard.


  • children 14 €
  • adults 20 €
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  • Date Saturday 28.09.24
  • Time 11:00, 16:00
  • Duration 60' no break
  • Language In Luxembourgish
  • Venue Espace Découverte
  • Recommended age 4–8 years
  • Subscription Musikalesch Aventuren (LU, 4–8 Joer)
How to get here

Experience the concert as a part of the subscription: Musikalesch Aventuren (LU, 4–8 Joer)

Two journeys to the animal kingdom and a turbulent cookery show – such are the «Musikalesch Aventuren»!