Fanfare meets
V ices

Grand Auditorium
Fanfare Bonnevoie on stage
©: Viviane Heinen

What you'll hear and see

The music

  • Christiaan Janssen Skinespour soprano et fanfare
  • Harrie Janssen De verschrikkingen van het ijs en de duisternis
  • Chansons populaires luxembourgeoises The Crazy Charleston Era (arr. Stefan Schwalgin)

The artists

  • Fanfare Municipale Luxembourg-Bonnevoie
  • D’Cojellico’s Jangen
  • Romain Kerschen Music Director
  • Simone Martiny soprano
  • Jean-Luc Wietor Narrator

United in harmony: fanfare meets voices.

Join us for an unforgettable evening as the Fanfare Bonnevoie takes centre stage with mesmerizing vocal performances in «Fanfare meets Voices»! From soprano solos to captivating narrations, immerse yourself in a symphony of sound and storytelling. Don’t miss the special guest appearance by d’Cojellico’s Jangen for an enchanting finale!


  • Premium 38 €
  • Cat. I 32 €
  • Cat. II 22 €
  • Cat. III 12 €
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  • Date Sunday 16.03.25
  • Time 17:00
  • Duration 90' including a break
  • Venue Grand Auditorium
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